Uli Jon Roth - Metamorphosis - Vivaldi's Four Season Concertos (Hand-Signed)

Uli Jon Roth - Metamorphosis - Vivaldi's Four Season Concertos (Hand-Signed)


Sky Guitar & Sky Orchestra - 2003 - with beautiful 60 page artwork by Uli. “The guitar playing on this album is simply out of this world” - Single CD

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Track List

The Four Seasons By Antonio Vivaldi

(Arranged and orchestrated by Uli Jon Roth)

Prelude To The Seasons 1:44

I. The Spring

Venga La Primavera 3:28

April Rain 2:24

The Triumph Of Spring 3:59

II. The Summer

Tales Of The Summer Wind 4:59

Thunder In July 1:34

The Tempest - Tuona E Fulmina 3:20

III. The Autumn

Cheiron And Selenos 4:41

Teardrops In October 2:02

Artemis 3:14

IV. The Winter

Ice, Wind & Fire 3:14

Sleighbells At Yasnaya 2:10

War Of The Winds 2:55

V. Metamorphosis Concerto (by Uli Jon Roth)

Thunder Cadenza 1:25

Cry Of The Night 2:28

Summer's Breath 0:42

Rodeo From Hell 0:57

Les Adieux 1:27

Springtime Euphoria 2:11

The Heart Of Chopin 2:17

Dance Of The Water Spirits 0:46

Transfiguration 1:19

Venga La Vita 2:08

The Morning Of Forever 2:54